2019 Holley MUSIC Scholarship Winners Announced

MUSIC is proud to announce the 2019 Dr. Darrell “Jack” Holley Scholarship winners:

The funding of the scholarships is provided by proceeds from the golf tournament and corporate donations.

Congratulations to these winners who each will receive a $2,000 scholarship (nonrenewable) for their future education! MUSIC will be presenting the scholarships to the winners in the following weeks.

Thanks to the 250 applicants who applied.  All were reviewed by the

Scholarship Committee.  We wish them all good luck in their future.

Dallin Townsend                Green Ridge R-VIII

  • Rodney Eddington, Secondary Principal; Dalin Townsend, Scholarship Recipient
  • Ashely Riley                        Jefferson C-123

  • Ashley Riley, Scholarship Recipient and Ms. Riley, Mark Stockwell, Executive Director MUSIC


  • Madison Kliethermes       Osage County R-III

  • Madison’s Mother, Madison Kliethermes; Scholarship Recipient, Chuck Woody; Superintendent


  • Tyler Schuster, Blackwater R-II (Boonville R-I High School)

  • Tanya Brown; Blackwater Supt, Tyler Schuster, Scholarship Recipient; Tim Edwards Boonville HS principal



  • Demetrios Case, Rockwood R-VI – Marquette

  • Nathaniel Beattie, Wentzville – Timberland

  • Stacey Nielson; College Counselor, Mark Stockwell; Executive Director MUSIC, Nathanial Beattie; Scholarship Recipient , Kyle Lindquist; Principal