MUSIC Sexual Misconduct Training Is Required

While MUSIC members know that the MUSIC Sexual Misconduct:  Staff-to-Student training is required by MUSIC, many members may not know why this is a requirement. So why does MUSIC require this training every year?

First, if training is not completed by faculty and staff, and a sexual misconduct loss occurs, the member school will be subject to a $100,000 deductible per claim. Conversely, if the training is completed by faculty and staff and a sexual misconduct loss occurs, the $100,000 deductible will be waived. Second, beginning with the next renewal period, MUSIC members cannot purchase umbrella policies if the MUSIC Sexual Misconduct:  Staff-to-Student training has not been completed by December 31, 2020. Finally, MUSIC realizes staff training can be repetitious, but believes that this subject matter is too important not to be completed annually.

We must band together and protect students from sexual misconduct perpetrated by adults. Therefore, MUSIC requires all members to participate in the MUSIC Sexual Misconduct:  Staff-to-Student training. This video’s subject matter includes a focus on preventing, recognizing, and reporting potential or actual child abuse and misconduct. There are many state requirements. MUSIC wants all staff to be aware of and understand their obligations in issues involving child abuse and the importance of the child’s safety and well-being in acting promptly in reporting these issues.

Who must complete the Sexual Misconduct training? MUSIC requires the MUSIC Sexual Misconduct:  Staff-to-Student training be completed by all faculty and staff, whether full-time or part-time and all substitute and student teachers. It is also a good idea to assign this course to your School Board and adult volunteers working with students regularly. This course is the required replacement for the previous training titled Smarter Adults, Safer Children.

The MUSIC Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student required course is available through SafeSchools and can be done individually as an online course or in a group setting with a staff member or administrator facilitating the training. Any group training requires attendance records, and these records must be maintained by the member and documented in the SafeSchools LMS.

If you have any questions about the required MUSIC Sexual Misconduct:  Staff-to-Student training, please contact Jackie Turnage-Ferber by phone at 314.800.2234 or by email jackie_turnage-ferber@ajg.com.