MUSIC Plan Document Changes for 2020

Anita Kiehne

President – Claims – Gallagher 

Our targeted area of change for the upcoming renewal is in the Builders’ Risk coverage.  As a MUSIC member you currently have $50,000,000 limit of coverage for any new building projects in the course of construction.  We do require that you notify us of any project in excess of $1,000,000.  We also provide a legal review of any contract on your behalf which can be submitted at the time you notify us of your project.

Within the BR coverage we provide a sublimit of insurance of $25,000 for the ‘reasonable extra cost of expediting the repair or replacement of property damaged, including overtime and other extra costs”.

To be more consistent with construction contracts, we are increasing and enhancing the limits for Extra Expense and Time Element.  These limits broaden your current coverage but do not increase the total limit of $50,000,000.

The limits will now provide $1,000,000 for the following:

Property in Transit and Temporary Storage

Claim Preparation Expense

Expediting Expense


Limits of $5,000,000 will apply to the following :

Loss of Rents or Loss of Earnings

Ordinance of Law

Debris Removal (25% of loss up to the $5 million limit)


We have also made a change to improve the Boiler and Machinery Coverage and have expanded the coverage to include property in the course of construction.  This coverage will automatically include all coverage applicable to any location described on your statement of values.