MUSIC-Provided Cyber Coverage

Effective December 31, 2018 all members of MUSIC are provided with Cyber Liability Coverage as part of their membership. This policy provides a $2,000,000 limit with a deductible of $5,000.

Cyber Liability insurance is designed to protect you from:

• Unauthorized release of confidential information
• Violations of person’s rights to privacy
• Personal injury in an electronic/social media environment
• Intellectual property infringement (patents, copyright, and trademarks, and “misappropriation” with respect to trade secrets)
• Violations of state or federal privacy laws
• Out-of-pocket expenses incurred to make the above problems go away

Coverage also includes allegations of privacy injury as a result of unauthorized release or misuse of PII by you or a third party and actual or alleged violation of a privacy law. This could be your Cloud Service provider. Media, which covers liability associated with allegations of personal injury (ie: liable, slander, defamation) in media communications. It also will cover costs for a member defending itself against regulatory actions and resulting fines/penalties following a breach of privacy regulations.

Data Breach Response & Crisis Management coverage is also included which covers the costs to notify your parents, guardians, citizens, and vendors of a data breach, and the costs to hire IT forensics experts, public relations consultants, implement credit monitoring and identify restoration services resulting from your obligation to comply with a privacy law.

The Cyber Liability policy is provided by XL Catlin and includes an online cyber risk management portal,  The web portal contains cyber risk pre and post-breach risk management including: Cyber Liability Library, Cyber Training Videos, Incident Roadmap, Vendor Partner Resources, and a Risk Manager’s Toolbox.  To learn more about the cyber risk management portal, please view the Cyber Risk Connect document located in the Admin Portal Document Library/MUSIC tab.