MUSIC’s New Course Library

Peggy Wilson – Vice President, Member Services

We are excited to announce a new resource that is available in your SafeSchools/SafeColleges Learning Management System. You’ll now find the MUSIC custom library right alongside your SafeSchools/SafeColleges Training library!

Missouri requires two hours of dyslexia training annually, beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. The MUSIC Team had preliminary conversations with DESE regarding the criteria they would be using when they were creating their training. Based on research of their training and similar programs, we determined DESE was providing a comprehensive training that provides what is required and we are recommending to utilize this great resource. We are providing a link to this training in the new MUSIC Training library so that you are able to access with ease.  This link will take you to the DESE site.

This will provide a sense of how the new library works, while also giving you quick access to the DESE training links. Moving forward, we will be adding MUSIC-specific courses to help with training over other topics of interest. As mentioned at the Annual Meeting, the current project focus is workers’ compensation. See the updates on that project in this Newsletter!

To preview the courses in the new MUSIC library, you must log into your SafeSchools or SafeColleges URL site. You can get this information from your training coordinator, or by contacting Jessica Conley at 314-800-2234 or