Online Workers’ Compensation Toolkit

Jackie Turnage-Ferber, Client Training and Technology Coordinator

MUSIC is committed to driving down costs associated with workers’ compensation claims. As part of this undertaking, MUSIC developed a Workers’ Compensation Incident Tracker. This tracker is designed for use by members, and it will allow MUSIC members to accommodate work-related injuries and illnesses. The goal of MUSIC is to return employees to the work environment as promptly as possible. Sometimes the return to work will require modified duties or a reduction in the total hours worked.

The new incident tracker will allow a member to compile workers’ compensation data in a centralized database. MUSIC nor Gallagher Bassett Claims has access to data stored in the tracker; therefore, a member always needs to complete the First Report of Injury or call a MUSIC claims adjuster before using the new Incident Tracker. The tracker enables a member to enter workers’ compensation data into the following section headings, including:

  • Incident Details
  • Comments
  • Medical Report Details
  • Witness Statement
  • Supervisor Update

The Workers’ Compensation Incident Tracker will allow the WC Coordinator to sort claims using various options, such as by claim status, by location, by employee last name, and more. It will also allow the coordinator to track all incidents and identify them as an open or closed workers’ compensation claim. Again, this new tool is designed solely for the internal use of the member only.

Several members are currently piloting the Workers’ Compensation Incident Tracker. We will be collecting feedback from these schools and make modifications. We will launch the toolkit to the entire membership later this spring.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the MUSIC team or email us at