Renewal of 2019 Certificates of Insurance

Amy Mehrmann-Dale – Client Service Associate

During the year, many Certificates of Insurance are issued – some require renewal and some do not. Each year, the MUSIC team provides a Certificate Renewal List to every Member for their Certificates issued for the current policy term. This list can be found in your ‘Document Library’ in the ADMIN PORTAL once you sign in to the MUSIC website, For some, this may look like a daunting task, but let me try to make this easier to tackle. Once in Document Library, open the 2019 Other Documents Tab and find the 2019 Certificate Renewal List document. The Holder schedule will be broken into Included and Excluded for each type of Coverage we provided. If everything looks okay, there is no need to do anything else and these are the Certificates that will be renewed. If you have changes, please note these changes on the list and return to me. When you are making changes, you are more than welcome to use Adobe to comment and mark. After saving, you may fax the changes to 866‐372‐7170 or email them to or to me Whatever method is more convenient for you, the member, is ok with me.

Certificates of Insurance, in general, are normally issued to prove that you have insurance and that it is current. Examples might be if you use someone else’s facility, or if you lease or rent property or have a loan on property (contents or building) the lien holder will require a certificate adding the Lender or Lessor as a Loss Payee on the Property and as an additional insured on the General Liability. If this wording is not requested, we do not volunteer or add it. Each time you add an additional insured, you are sharing your limits with that additional insured. On the other hand, any time someone else uses your facility or property, or a vendor enters your premises, a certificate of insurance should be provided to you adding the district/college.