Reopening Schools (Post COVID-19)

MUSIC is committed to helping MUSIC members create and support a safe environment in the school and the community in the context of COVID-19. As administrators prepare to reopen school doors, it is essential to remember that these decisions have important implications for children, parents or caregivers, teachers, staff, communities, and society at large. While Missouri schools have taken an active role to help flatten the curve, getting schools back open will take careful planning and a focus on continued prevention. MUSIC has developed several publications to help members reopen schools with a focus on health and safety.

These publications provide important information about reopening your school campus. The guidelines contain best practices to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 spread within your schools. These are dynamic documents, so as new information is developed, it will be shared.

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Reopening Schools 

Reopening for Summer Sports

Student Transportation

Isolation Rooms