Reporting Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you have an injured employee, it is important to always provide the injured worker with the Workers’ Compensation Treatment Authorization form before sending him or her for medical treatment. Missouri schools have the right to designate the medical provider(s). This medical treatment authorization form is essential not only for the authorization for your medical facility to examine and treat your injured worker, but also to give the provider MUSIC’s billing information. Our goal is to make payment for services rendered as soon as possible to your medical providers. This form can be found on the MUSIC website by going to Claims>Workers’ Compensation>Work Comp Toolkit under Treatment Authorization.

When reporting a Workers’ Compensation claim via the web or through the claims line, please always provide your district number that begins with the letter “D” and includes your district’s 3-digit number. Please ensure that you provide all necessary information regarding the injured worker when prompted, including where the employee will be treated. Please contact Marie “BB” Bax at 314-800-0217.

Schools can report a Workers’ Compensation claim online using Risx-Facs. To report a claim online, you will need to have your assigned Risx-Facs user ID and password handy. If you do not know what your Risx-Facs user ID and password are, or if you need assistance on reporting a claim, please contact Michelle Clark (Direct Line: 314.800.0363 / Email: Once logged in, please follow the directions in the Web Reporting Guide. Alternatively, your district can call the MUSIC reporting number (1.888.256.4919) to report a work-related injury.