Jackie Turnage-Ferber – Client Training and Technology Coordinator

As school districts and colleges make plans for the upcoming school year, do not forget to have all faculty and staff complete the MUSIC Sexual Misconduct:  Staff-to-Student training through the SafeSchools learning management system (LMS). This course is the required replacement for the former required training named, Smarter Adults, Safer Children. If training is not completed by faculty and staff and a sexual misconduct loss occurs, the member will be subject to a $100,000 deductible per claim. As of 12/31/2020, MUSIC members will not be able to purchase umbrella policies if this training has not been completed by 12/31/2020.

The MUSIC Sexual Misconduct: Staff-to-Student training can be completed individually or in a group / offline training session. If the training is completed as a group, documentation of participation must be completed by your school’s SafeSchools administrator.

There are two methods of documenting a group / offline training session.

  • Method 1: Use sign-in sheets as proof of completion; these sheets should be uploaded to the SafeSchools LMS as a .CSV or plain text Please Note: There is not a method for uploading scanned PDF’s.
  • Method 2: Add employees to the session by selecting the position and location or by using the attendee upload tool.

Here is a video tutorial on how to utilize the Offline Training Session, including both methods of documenting participants:


MUSIC provides a total of 11 training courses to members, but only require members to complete the MUSIC Sexual Misconduct:  Staff-to-Student training. To view all complimentary courses provided to members, please visit the training tab on the MUSIC website.

All questions and concerns should be directed to Jackie Turnage-Ferber at jackie_turnage-ferber@ajg.com or by direct phone 314-800-2234.