Workers’ Compensation Incident Tracker

Jim Akers – Work Comp Specialist – Gallagher

MUSIC has been working to develop a new tool to assist in tracking your workers’ compensation claims.  The Workers’ Compensation Incident Tracker does exactly that, it tracks your claims and incidents. The Tracker was designed to give you a format to log and track all of your workers’ compensation claims.  By utilizing this tool, the WC Coordinator at your school will be able to log necessary information regarding the claim to help get injured employees back on the job in a timely manner and will have this information at their fingertips.  It will also allow the WC Coordinator to communicate with administrators to keep them abreast of any problem claims or incidents. It will allow sorting of information in case you want to sort by various groupings to look for trends, repeat issues, and other information which can identify repeated incidences therefore giving you the information to address and lower or eliminate the same type of incidences.

The WC Coordinator will be provided training on the Tracker, and once training has been viewed, they will be granted access to this tool.  Only those that have done the training will be provided access.  This is on an individual basis, so that the incidents that are entered can only be seen by those that have entered them into the Tracker.  This is due to privacy laws.

It will be located on the MUSIC website, meaning all you have to do is log in to the MUSIC website and it will be one of the choices you can select.

The key reason MUSIC is providing this tool is to help members save money by lowering or eliminating your work comp claims which will in turn lower your experience mod, thereby realizing a positive financial impact to your workers’ compensation costs on your assessments.  The Tracker also can assist you with bringing employees back to work on restricted duty instead of having them off work unnecessarily, which will also show a savings in your temporary total disability costs.

MUSIC will be rolling out more information in weeks to come and we ask that if you are interested in utilizing this new tool to assist in lowering costs, please contact Jim Akers at who will provide the brief training that the WC Coordinator needs to access and utilize which will benefit the member as well as the injured employee.

If you have any questions please contact Jim anytime.