SafeSchools Training System & Content

The following features of the SafeSchools Training System and courses will be provided to you by MUSIC. These are resources that we believe will help member districts and community colleges to meet their training and development goals. The only course MUSIC will be requiring is Smarter Adults, Safer Children.

Main Contact:
Erin Smothers
Client Training Consultant


MUSIC & SafeSchools Training: Implementation and Best Practices Webinar
Join us for an in depth webinar to review the implementation process, along with key features and functions of the Admin Area within SafeSchools Training. We’ll also discuss the importance of updating employee data, how to create new or reassign training plans, run compliance reports and other need-to- know best practices.

July 20th, 10:00 AM CST : REGISTER HERE

July 26th, 1:30 PM CST : REGISTER HERE


Training Curriculum Building Webinar:

View Here            Curriculum Building PPT Presentation Here

Marketing the Program to Board, Supervisors, and Staff Webinar:

View Here            Marketing PPT Presentation Here

Reporting and Metrics Webinar:

View Here           Reporting and Metrics PPT Presentation Here