The Missouri United School Insurance Council was established in 1985 for the purpose of providing broad Property and Casualty coverages under one comprehensive plan for all participating members. The MUSIC Program exists solely for the benefit of its participating Public School Districts, Community Colleges, and educational associations and has tailored coverages to the needs of those entities. In addition, we provide comprehensive risk management services to further our commitment to keep our members’ costs low and schools safe.

Our Mission

The mission of the Missouri United School Insurance Council is to provide an effective, affordable, and high-quality integrated risk management program for Missouri Public School Districts, Community Colleges, and other qualified entities in the State of Missouri.

MUSIC Facts & Figures

Number of Members – Over 490, which include public school districts, community colleges, and education associations

  • MUSIC Annual Budget – approximately $131 million
  • Member Enrollment Range – districts vary in size from 18 students to over 20,000 students
  • Number of Member Employees – Over 105,000
  • Number of Teachers – Over 53,000
  • Member Payrolls – Over $5 billion
  • Property Values – Over $35 billion
  • Number of Buildings – Over 6,600
  • Number of Buses – Over 7,300
  • Other Vehicles – Over 4,800
  • Student Count – Over 674,000
  • Number of Claims Managed Since Inception – Over 158,000

The MUSIC Program is administered by Gallagher under contract with the Board of Directors. Gallagher ( is a full service, international insurance brokerage and risk management consulting firm with expertise in self-funded pooling program administration.

Ron Orr
Executive Director

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