AJG Administration Team

AJG Risk Management Administration Team

Scott Wightman, ARM-E

Area Executive Vice President

Contact for questions and concerns regarding coverage, services, financial aspects, general structure, and operations.

Direct Line: (314) 800-2211
Direct Fax: (866) 372-7294
Email: scott_wightman@ajg.com


Anita Kiehne

Area Vice President – Claims

Contact for questions and concerns regarding claims, coverage, claims service issues, and managed care program.

Direct Line: (314) 800-2285
Direct Fax: (866) 372-7168
Email: anita_kiehne@ajg.com


Peggy Wilson

Area Vice President – Member Services

Contact for questions regarding the MUSIC program, coverage, billing, exposure changes, and prospects.

Direct Line: (314) 800-2223
Direct Fax: (866) 451-0954
Email: peggy_wilson@ajg.com


Deanna Sharley

Client Services Manager

Contact for questions regarding coverages, billing, exposure changes, property appraisals, bonds, technical assistance, and the MUSIC website.

Direct Line: (314) 800-2244
Direct Fax: (866) 451-0954
Email: deanna_sharley@ajg.com


Amy Mehrmann-Dale

Customer Service Associate Sr.

Contact for questions regarding physical hazard survey action plans, notary bonds, certificates of insurance, and special events coverage.

Direct Line: (314) 800-2235
Email: amy_mehrmann@ajg.com


Jackie Turnage-Ferber

Client Training and Technology Coordinator

Contact for questions on training, the learning management system, events, and the MUSIC website.

Direct Line: (314) 800 – 2234

Email: Jackie_turnage-ferber@ajg.com


AJG Loss Prevention Team

Alan Schmitt

Vice President of Loss Control

Direct Line: 314-800-2255

Email: alan_schmitt@ajg.com


Tom Shults

Senior Loss Control Specialist

Direct Line: 314-800-2184

Email: tom_shults@ajg.com


Jim Akers

Work Comp Specialist

Direct Line: 314-800-2151

Email: jim_akers@ajg.com