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What MUSIC Members Say

“I found MUSIC to be essential in managing the district. Several aspects come to mind. First, the cost effectiveness of the coverage cannot be equaled. I don’t remember ever receiving a premium reduction from private carriers, regardless of experience.”

“Second, the proactive, preventative approach that MUSIC takes to ensuring the safe and smooth operation of our district is extremely helpful. We would not be able to afford the safety audits, professional expertise, no school specific training materials without the power of MUSIC.”

“Finally, when a claim happens MUSIC is your best ally. First, they are the cool head that helps guide you through what to do. Second, if there is a way to recover, manage costs, or minimize damage MUSIC is there.

Dr. Chris Neale
Superintendent, Gasconade Co. R-I School District

“The Nodaway-Holt R-VII School has been a member of MUSIC for many years and the experience has been nothing but positive. MUSIC provides a full range of services while controlling costs, which is particularly important at his point in time. Their proactive approach with safety issues for facilities and children helps to control costs as well. The MUSIC staff is some of the highest quality I have experienced. From workmen’s compensation, liability issues, storm damage or a devastating fire, the MUSIC staff is always pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. Whether large or small, claims are handled promptly with no unnecessary hassles. The goal of the MUSIC organization is to help our organization function efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend MUSIC, without hesitation, to all school districts for their insurance needs.”

Karma Coleman
Superintendent, Nodaway Holt R-VII School District

“One of the first calls I remember taking as a first year superintendent was from Gary VanMeter. He not only welcomed me to the ranks of superintendent but spent time explaining what M.U.S.I.C. was all about. He explained the claim history for my specific school district, and said that he would come by my office sometime and visit. Knowing my location was out of the way, I just thought it was something nice for him to say. That same month he showed up in my office!”

“One of the first calls I remember taking as a first year superintendent was from Gary VanMeter. He not only welcomed me to the ranks of superintendent but spent time explaining what M.U.S.I.C. was all about. He explained the claim history for my specific school district, and said that he would come by my office sometime and visit. Knowing my location was out of the way, I just thought it was something nice for him to say. That same month he showed up in my office!”

I have utilized M.U.S.I.C. for their help on many situations throughout the course of my career and have always felt my issue or problem was dealt with correctly and in a timely manner. Everyone in the office is courteous, professional, and willing to do whatever it takes to rectify the situation. In one instance a claim agent drove up from St. Louis (4+ hours) just to take a picture. That situation was resolved by the end of the day.”

I am confident that M.U.S.I.C. is quick to help with any situation and that an emergency would only last until M.U.S.I.C. staff arrived or found out what they could do to help.”
I am confident that M.U.S.I.C. is quick to help with any situation and that an emergency would only last until M.U.S.I.C. staff arrived or found out what they could do to help.”

Dr. Matt Robinson
Superintendent, Cameron R-I School District

“MUSIC is a great support to my district-especially in times of crisis. I have just experienced my second bus accident within 18 months and MUSIC has worked 24-7 alongside me to guide and support me and the district through this difficult process. Chris and Phyllis are true advocates for us. Thanks for all you do!”

Dr. Julie Dill
Superintendent, Johnson Co. R-VII School District


“As a school superintendent and building principal, I have been fortunate to work with the MUSIC insurance program for many years. MUSIC is very responsive to the needs of school districts. I have found this organization to be very service oriented and supportive to the many different insurance needs of the school district. MUSIC is quick to answer questions that arise in day to day operations and prompt with the assessment/management of any claims. Additionally, the benefit of a self-insured goups guarantees that member districts have input into the insurance program and that districts reap the positive results when loss ratios are low by experiencing credits/premium reductions.”

Robin Ritchie
Superintendent, Dallas Co. R-I School District

“It has been my pleasure to work with MUSIC for insurance coverage with three different school districts. MUSIC has consistently exceeded my expectations for service and support. After experiencing the claims process of another carrier in a former district, I truly appreciate the manner in which MUSIC and the Gallgher Bassett Services team handles the claims process. They understand the nature of school operations and work with you to resolve claims without the hassles you often experience with other providers.”

“MUSIC also provides tremendous resources for loss prevention through Arthur Gallagher Risk Management Services and the various conferences and workshops MUSIC conducts for members. They provide the expertise so we can focus our time and energy on educating students. The holistic approach MUSIC utilizes results in both time and financial savings for member districts.”

Dr. Kari Monsees
Superintendent, Raymore-Peculiar R-II School District

“The Francis Howell School District was in the direct path of a tornado this past May. We had minor damage across the District, but one of our middle schools suffered major damage. The tornado hit on Friday night. On Saturday morning, at 9:00 a.m., MUSIC representatives were on site helping us secure the site and planning for necessary reconstruction. We had a very short timeline to get all of the work completed, as school started on August 8th. We made our deadline because MUSIC was willing to work with us; they understood the nature of our business and that we could not just delay the start of school. I am tremendously pleased with the level of support that we received throughout the process. The kids are back in school, but there are still some minor loose ends to be addressed. It is gratifying to know that we are working with a company that truly considers us a partner and helps us do what is best for kids.

Kevin Supple
Chief Financial Officer, Francis Howell School District

“In my opinion, the MUSIC relationship is more of a partnership than a business relationship. I know when I have a question, a concern, a claim or any MUSIC related issue I will be treated with professionalism and the issue will be taken care of as quickly as possible. All of the MUSIC associates possess an authentic and genuine responsibility to assist the Kennett #39 School District with all MUSIC insurance issues.”

Chris Wilson
Superintendent, Kennett #39 School District

“I am so happy to have the opportunity to personally and professionally offer thanks to M.U.S.I.C. The satisfaction and peace of mind this membership affords is priceless.”

“As an administrator in a small school district I am often faced with liability issues far outside my area of expertise. The confidence I have in the staff of M.U.S.I.C. and Gallagher-Bassett has many times lightened my load and relieved the stress of the situation. Whether it is a lightning strike, wind storm, a theft of leaky roof M.U.S.I.C. has handled each incident with speed and efficiency. The process is seamless and the communication from M.U.S.I.C. is excellent and informative.”

”The central office personnel in our district often comments on how eager the M.U.S.I.C. staff is to help lighten our load. What a wonderful testament to the quality of service received from the Missouri United School Insurance Council!”


Twas a typical day for the staff of the school
It started out rainy and turned rather cool
A storm blowing in was the word on the street
A watch of the radar kept me glued to my seat
The rain now was pouring and the wind picked up speed
The thunder and lightning was frightening indeed
The building and grounds were hit like a brick
The sign in the front took a terrible lick
But I did not worry, no I did not fret
For the District was covered by MUSIC, you bet
So thank you dear Gary, for all that you do
To the staff there at MUSIC, a BIG THANK YOU, too

Cheryl Mack
Superintendent, Community R-VI School District


“I want to thank you for what MUSIC provides. Peace of mind is powerful.”

Roger Schmitz
Superintendent, Lawson R-XIV School District

“My experience with MUSIC has been nothing but positive. In the past 17 years as a superintendent, my interaction with MUSIC has been consistently positive. In time of stress or in the event of an emergency, I can honestly say that have been met with confidence, calmness and reassurance from MUSIC and the people at Gallagher Bassett. I have had experiences with student accidents, workman’s comp, property and liability issues and each case I have felt as though I have been dealt with fairly and consistently in every situation.”

“As a self-funded program, the “profit” scenario is removed from the process of determining renewal rates. It is a rare experience that insurance rates remain constant and yet that is what has occurred over the past two fiscal years. The knowledge the MUSIC is an organization owned and operated by those ho utilize the service tends to give a sense of control to those involved in the program. The fact that the MUSIC board members are school administrators tends to make the organization responsive to needs and changes of school district as those needs become apparent. I remain satisfied with the services provided by the Missouri United School Insurance Council.”

Don Lawrence
Superintendent, Avenue City R-IX School District, Formerly Superintendent of Savannah R-III School District

“On behalf of the La Monte R-IV School District, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation for the level of service MUSIC provides. Claims and questions regarding coverage and liability are addressed promptly, handled quickly and processed efficiently with very little work necessary on our end. Two other facets of the MUSIC membership I find especially valuable are the policy service provided by Tom Mickes and the annual safety audit conducted through Arthur J. Gallagher. Both of these services are above and beyond what would be provided through another carrier and make MUSIC extremely cost effective.”

“MUSIC is an exemplary of a consortium idea done right, and done well, and one I’m proud to be a part of.”

Joan Twidwell
Superintendent, LA Monte R-IV School District

“It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to write a recommendation for Missouri United School Insurance Council. The Nell Holcomb R-IV School District has been a member of MUSIC for the past fifteen years. I have only been superintendent of the Nell Holcomb R-IV School District for the past three years and thankfully, we have not had any major claims. The minor claims we have filed have been taken care of in a timely manner with no hassles.”

“I was in a district previous to coming to Nell Holcomb that did not have MUSIC insurance fewer than ten years ago and tragically, had to endure a catastrophic fire. With all the dealings that the superintendent had to go through with the insurance company that the district had at that time, it did not take long for the school district to change over to MUSIC the very next year and they are still with MUSIC today.”

“I wish to commend you and your staff for a job well done in taking care of the school districts insurance needs. I have not heard anything but positive comments when I visit with other superintendents about MUSIC. As the time continually present more and more challenges for school administration and boards of education, it is nice to know that those of us with insurance coverage under MUSIC do not have to worry about anything in regard to this facet of our job.”

“Again, I cannot tell everyone how happy I am with the services I receive from MUSIC. If a district is not part of MUSIC, I wholeheartedly believe they are not adequately covered in their insurance needs.”

Darryl Pannier
Superintendent, Nell Holcomb R-IV School District

“I would like to recommend MUSIC to each and every school district in Missouri. We have been in the program for 8 years now and have found the service to be outstanding. We have had wonderful and fast action taken for each and every claim that has come up. From Workman’s’ comp claims to storm damage, the ability of the representatives from MUSIC has been quick and fair. It is very reassuring as a superintendent to know that there is an outstanding group of people ready, willing and able to help with every situation that comes up in the daily duties of a superintendent.”

Craig Barker
Lawson R-XIV School District (Retired)

“In visiting with my colleagues I hear many comments praising MUSIC and all of the staff. I believe I can say without any hesitation that MUSIC provides school districts with excellent services. I would like to thank MUSIC for the outstanding effort in making my job easier.”

Toni Hill
Superintendent of Schools, Bloomfield R-XIV School District

“In visiting with my colleagues I hear many comments praising MUSIC and all of the staff. I believe I can say without any hesitation that MUSIC provides school districts with excellent services. I would like to thank MUSIC for the outstanding effort in making my job easier.”

Toni Hill
Superintendent of Schools, Bloomfield R-XIV School District


“Controlling operational costs while maintaining a safe environment for students and staff is a priority for school district administrator’s now more than ever before. The Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC) provides what school leaders are looking for in a full service insurance company. Over the last several years, I have been particularly impressed with the level of service MUSIC has provided to the Leeton R-X School District. Utilizing a proactive approach combined with research on trends in litigation and insurance claims, MUSIC has helped school districts address difficult and often costly issues such as bullying, cyber bullying, and child sexual abuse. Their Smarter Adults Safer Children programs are raising awareness, reducing associated costs and keeping children safe.”

“MUSIC provides a multitude of insurance services to the Leeton R-X School District. From facility protection to board liability, their goal and mine are the same; control costs through information and risk management. Because the MUSIC governing board is comprised largely of school superintendents, I feel assured of our mutual interests. To that end, the distribution of information from the MUSIC organization through regular mailings, annual conferences, and phone call inquiries is excellent. Over the last several years MUSIC has held down costs while increasing coverage. They understand the specific needs of a public school and continue to provide the Leeton R-X School District with a quality product and a high level of service.”

Dr. Bill Nicely
Superintendent, Kearney R-I School District, Formerly Superintendent of Leeton R-X School District


“The Hannibal School District #60 would like to express a big THANK YOU to the M.U.S.I.C. and Gallagher Bassett Services staffs. On August 12, 2004 our Eugene Field Elementary School experienced a water leak due to a stuck valve in a top floor bathroom. The result was flooding of several classrooms on that floor and damage to several ceilings and classroom floors below.”

“After reporting this incident to Gallagher Bassett Services, Mark Beitzel came to Hannibal to assess the damage. After doing so, we were given the green light to have a local contractor come in to make needed temporary repairs. The wooden floors in one room in particular had buckled in several places making it impossible to hold classes in the room, making a teacher rather unhappy. The repairs were done quickly making the teacher happy again. Life is better when the staff is happy!”

“We have had a few other incidents in past years, and have always found the M.U.S.I.C. organization to be prompt and professional. We could have left for some “short-term” lower rates in the past few years, but we understand how the insurance market works. We know it would not have been in the best interest of the District to leave M.U.S.I.C. both financially in the ““long-term” and due the prompt and professional service we have become accustomed to.”

Dana Ruhl
Business Manager, Hannibal No. 60 School District (Retired)

“One of the first major decisions that I led my current school district to make was to join the Missouri United School Insurance Council program consolidating all of our property, liability, and workers compensation insurance needs. The original selling point I used was cost effective; the district originally saved around $5,000 dollars which was quite substantial for our small K-8 district. I knew there would be several additional benefits including policy services which eliminated the need for paying another policy service.”

“In the five years since we joined MUSIC, unfortunately we have had a $30,000 claim for roof damage, a fairly substantial workers compensation claim, and a couple of other small claims. Fortunately, we had joined MUSIC! To most districts and insurance companies these claims are probably just small stuff, but the service my district has received is outstanding. What I originally sold to the Board of Education as a way to save money has evolved the greatest benefit of belonging to MUSIC being the coverage provided and service rendered!”

Anthony Hartsfield
Superintendent, Pemiscot Co. R-III School District (Retired)

“MUSIC has successfully provided quality services to member organizations for many years. The knowledge that claims are consistently handled promptly, professionally, and fairly and that loss prevention is a top priority provides assurance to our district that cannot be overemphasized. It is also great to be able to pick up the phone and receive advice that can be trusted from any member of the MUSIC staff.”

Dr. Judene Blackburn
Superintendent, Waynesville R-VI School District

“As school administrators, we face a myriad of responsibilities; one of those is to be sure that the school insurance needs are met. As for me, my knowledge base for insurance and brain surgery are roughly the same. Thankfully, the staffs at MUSIC and Gallagher Bassett are always extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any situation. I have dealt with them in situations from roof repairs to severed limbs and have found one very common theme; they are truly there to help schools. Whether that help comes from a phone call, on-site visit or MUSIC sponsored training, I have never been disappointed. Some schools have been lured away with promises of lower prices, but I have never known a school to leave and actually save money over the long run, and most if not all anxiously awaited the expiration of their waiting period to rejoin MUSIC. In these tough financial times, I am glad that I can rest assured that my insurance needs are met by competent, helpful people who truly care about our schools.”

David Tramel
Superintendent, New Bloomfield R-III School District

“Just a short note of appreciation for the service M.U.S.I.C. has provided the New Madrid County R-1 School District over the years. As you know the R-1 District has been a member of MUSIC since 1991, and over that period of time, we have developed a relationship with your organization that is second to none.”

“It is comforting to know that when unfortunate events occur, the staff at MUSIC has the knowledge, expertise, and willingness to resolve the situation in an expeditious and professional manner. Although the R-1 District has been fortunate in avoiding major catastrophes we have had several insurance related issues that required MUSIC’s delicate handling of these often difficult issues. Without exception, MUSIC has handled every claim, every question, and every issue to our satisfaction.”

“Please feel free to include the New Madrid County R-1 School District among your list of satisfied member districts.”

Paul Northington
Director of Business and Finance, Hancock Place School District, formerly New Madrid R-I School District

“Several years ago when insurance rates were considerable lower, Rockwood decided to test the market to confirm that MUSIC’s rates are competitive. While we were able to identify a group of companies with rates comparable to MUSIC, we could not achieve any significant savings and decided that it was not worth taking the risk to leave MUSIC considering that their competitors would only guarantee their rates for one year. In retrospect, considering the significant increases in insurance rates, that was obviously a very wise decision. In addition, the service that we receive from MUSIC and Gallagher Bassett is second to none, and I doubt that we would receive such high quality service from a company which may be more interested in earning a profit than serving their clients.”

David Glaser
Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation, formerly Chief Financial Officer of Rockwood School District

“I just wanted to take a moment, on behalf of the Dora R-III School District and myself to express our appreciation for MUSIC. As you know, we lost our main building to a fire on January 21, 1998, and on that day I had serious doubts as to the future of the Dora School District. Before the day was over, adjusters from Gallagher Bassett Services were here to look over the damage, which we now know was extensive.”

“Dora is a very small school district, which serves a student population of about 360 students in grades Pre-K through 12. Being such, the financial situation of our district is normally tight, at best. Until that day I didn’t realize that one advantage of being a member of MUSIC would be that money would be immediately available to us. Within a week we had $250,000 in the bank and were making plans to bring in mobile units so that we could continue to have school.”

“Another great benefit of MUSIC to the district has been the Extra Expense coverage. This has allowed us to save our money for the rebuilding of the school and its furnishings. MUSIC has covered all of the additional expense of leasing mobile units and anything else it has taken above normal school operations to keep us in session.”

“But after all of this, the best thing about being a member of MUSIC is claims settlement. MUSIC is actually working with us. I just want to give recognition to Chris Brading and Terry Knowlton, claim adjusters with Gallagher Bassett. They were patient and responsive to our desires and needs. When the first offer from the insurance carriers seemed unacceptable to us, they worked with us to get us a fair settlement, which has allowed the district to rebuild our school.”

“As I am writing this, we are approaching the two-year anniversary of the fire, which destroyed our school, and I am happy to say that we will soon be moving into our new school. I am convinced without the support of MUSIC there is every chance that our students would have been attending another school district, or at the very least be moving into a lesser quality building than the one that was lost.”

“Gary, if you ever have a district considering leaving the program or becoming a member for the first time, you should have them give me a call. I have calls from other insurance carriers that promise better rates and good service, but I know we get excellent service through MUSIC. And furthermore, from my experience with the fire, I know the right questions to ask when they call and they just don’t have the right answers.”

“Again, thanks for all of your help these past two years and let me invite you to stop by and see our new school which we are very proud of.”

Kenneth W. Cook
Superintendent, Malden R-I School District, formerly Superintendent at Dora R-III School District

“MUSIC’s services to our district when we have made claims have been very prompt, and I have been very pleased with the handling of the claims. Personnel in the MUSIC offices as well as the Gallagher-Bassett staff have been most helpful in filing claims and supplying information relative to our policies. MUSIC is definitely of great benefit to our district, and I feel we are fortunate to have a group of this type to provide for our insurance needs.”

Shelly Aubuchon
(DESE), formerly Superintendent at Hermitage R-IV School District

“It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to write a recommendation for Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC). Our district is so thankful we are members of MUSIC and appreciative of all the organization has done for us.”

“We joined MUSIC in January or 2003 and were fortunate to not have a claim until May 4 of the same year. However, on that date, our district was hit by a destructive tornado that resulted in nearly $6.2 million in damage to our buildings. This was uncharted territory for all of us in Carl Junction in dealing with tornado damage as well as dealing with MUSIC. While managing rebuilding from a storm is far from pleasant, our experience with the people from MUSIC has been wonderful. We are located in the far Southwest corner of the state and the store hit at 6:20 p.m. Sunday evening. I called Chris Brading first thing Monday morning and we had a representative here by noon. Their promptness and attention to this claim has been remarkable. They truly guided us through a time that was very trying and made us feel comfortable. I immediately developed a trust in Phyllis Galbraith and Terry Knowlton, of Gallagher Bassett, and very much valued their advice and opinion. The majority of our damages were repaired in about three and a half months and we started school on September 2. The representatives from MUSIC played a huge role in making the start f school possible. To date, the claim is still open and it will take some time to clear up some loose ends, but I am confident the process will be very smooth.”

“Since the storm, I have worked with MUSIC representatives on accident and workers’ compensation claims and they were very professional and courteous. The staff at Carl Junction R-1 Schools speaks often of how lucky we were to join MUSIC when we did and we don’t want to imagine what this trying time would have been like without them. After the storm, a patron of the city remarked, “Before we were neighbors, now we are family. Before we were just members, but MUSIC made us feel like family.”

Dr. Phillip Cook
Superintendent, Carl Junction R-I School District

“Since becoming a member of MUSIC in 1995, Hazelwood School District has continually received superior coverage in exchange for stable premiums with very reasonable increases. As a large district, we constantly utilize the services of Gallagher Bassett personnel, who provide excellent service and satisfactorily resolve our claims. This was most evident on two recent occasions. During the spring of 2001, a record-marking hailstorm damaged 10 out of our 25 schools. They worked diligently to get those roofs replaced as quickly as possible. Then, a year later, one of our schools was broken into and vandalized. Gallagher Bassett personnel were there early Sunday morning, and students arrived for school at their normal time on Monday. I can’t believe that school districts could find a better insurance program than MUSIC.”

Dr. Christ Nicastro
Missouri Commissioner of Education, formerly Superintendent of Hazelwood School District

“Having worked with MUSIC in the past at other school districts, I was aware of the smooth process and teamwork that exists should an insurance claim occur for a school. The Oak Grove R-VI School District had never been a part of the MUSIC system, thus the Board of Education was unaware of what they were missing and the manner in which insurance matters could be addressed. After serving as superintendent for two years at Oak Grove, I had grown tired of the battles attempting to recover claims associated with the existing company. The insurance battles were typical of what the District had experienced in the past, so my discussion with the Board of positive experiences with MUSIC and their “total” system of working with schools sounded appealing.”

“What a difference we have seen in one year after switching to MUSIC! The Board and administrators are extremely pleased with the professional service we have received, and the Board recently voted to adopt the policy service offered by MUSIC, as well. Claims are handled quickly, completely, and with no confrontation. We want an insurance company that we feel is working with us, not against us, and that is what we have in MUSIC. The Oak Grove Schools plan on a long relationship with Gary VanMeter and MUSIC.”

Dr. James Haley
Superintendent, Warsaw R-IX School District, formerly Superintendent of Oak Grove School District R-VI

“The Metropolitan Community College District, consisting of five community colleges in the Kansas City metropolitan area, has enjoyed being a member of MUSIC since 1991. MUSIC is a one-stop shop meeting virtually all non-benefit insurance needs for schools. Following is a brief description of my experience with MUSIC and the products and services they provide.”

“Since MUSIC goes out to bid for comprehensive coverage, we have assurance that we are getting the best available coverage for the best price and it saves the District the cost and hassle of the RFP process. Three to four times per year we are visited by various insurance brokers vying for our business. Not one has come close to providing the coverage and services at a competitive price. We particularly appreciate that coverage and services are customized for schools. Reporting claims is easy and painless whether it is using the Risxfacs™ Internet reporting for workers’ compensation claims or forwarding an email report and photographs to the liability supervisor. Personnel respond promptly and handle each incident based on its merits.”

“We are particularly impressed with the work comp claims management. First, I know that safety training is only a phone call away. This is a service we have heavily utilized and there is no doubt it has prevented employee injuries. The Internet claim line is a convenient means of reporting. It immediately notifies an adjuster and nurse case manager allowing prompt attention to the medical needs of our employees. When they contact the injured employee directly it lets that employee know that their welfare is important. The re-pricing structure and direct payment to the medical provider are both economical and efficient.

”Staff has considerable knowledge and intuition and is proactive with liability claims. They conduct thorough investigations and select reputable defense counsel when necessary.”

Access to the broker is vital to our District. We often have unique situations that require the advice of management. These special requests are handled in a timely manner and always with the attitude “We are there to serve the needs of the customer.” As a courtesy, MUSIC offers special events liability coverage to external persons or organizations requesting to use our facilities. This service helps us to meet our mission of serving the community while protecting our assets. During the normal course of business, we execute a considerable amount of contracts that often requires a certificate of insurance to be issued. A quick email to MUSIC personnel and the certificate is usually emailed within minutes.”

“Everything herein described is made possible by the commitment of MUSIC’s membership and the sound fiscal management of the program by Gary VanMeter and the board of directors. Being a MUSIC member means that our District doesn’t have to employee insurance experts. Coverage is provided at reasonable rates and because of the professional services provided by Gallagher Bassett, we spend minimal time on claims management. I would encourage any Missouri school to become a MUSIC member.”

Carolyn Brown
Metropolitan Community College

“As a superintendent new to Missouri, after serving as a superintendent in another state for a number of years, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of service provided by MUSIC in helping us meet our insurance needs.”

“Bidding insurance services can be a tortuous process for local boards of education, superintendents and school business officials. Local school officials are often under great pressure to “buy local”, and often pay a premium (literally!) to keep the district’s insurance with a local agent. MUSIC eliminates all that.”

“Missouri school districts enjoy the benefit of an insurance provider that is focused solely on their needs. MUSIC was formed to serve schools and nobody else. The folks at MUSIC are able to use the lesson learned in one school district from being repeated in other districts. The risk, exposure and loss analyses provided by MUSIC help school administrators prevent costly litigation and settlements. These annual reports, along with newsletters, videos, emails and especially, the annual conference are invaluable in helping superintendents identify and eliminate risk factors in their districts.”

“Acting with the strength of numbers, MUSIC is able to seek and negotiate very favorable rates for its insurance and reinsurance coverages. The dollars we save in insurance get spent in our classrooms. School districts in other states would benefit greatly from an insurance consortium like Missouri’s schools enjoy through MUSIC.”

Gordon Myers
Superintendent, Midway R-I School District

“As the school administrator, it is a great feeling to know that when you have an issue come up in regards to any insurance claim that there are quality individuals and a trustworthy company to deal with. The speed in which things are taken care of and the simplicity of the process is very advantageous to everyone. We have been very pleased with MUSIC and as a person in charge of a budget the rates have been a boost in rough times that has been desperately needed. “

Rick Roberts
Superintendent, Adair CO. R-II School District

“I am writing this letter on behalf of the Moberly School District and the positive experiences we have had with the Missouri Unified Schools Insurance Council (MUSIC). During the past seven years, I have worked very closely with your organization, MUSIC, and I have always been impressed with the high level of customer satisfaction that I have received. We recently hosted a meeting with Debra Walker, Senior Liability Claims Adjustor, and I was very impressed with her responsive nature and unwavering support. The Moberly School District also received storm damage last spring and MUSIC once again came to our aid and addressed our needs in a timely manner. Our Board of Education also commented on your organization’s willingness to assist “above and beyond” the call of duty.”

“I have also been impressed with the free education law seminars hosted by Tom Mickes and his outstanding staff. I learn something every time I walk away from these sessions. The Smarter Adults Safer Children DVD is another example of MUSIC’s commitment of protecting our children. We have maintained a “100 percent” participation rate for the past three years regarding this proactive training video. Lastly, I say thank you to the Board of Directors for rebating as much as a 25-30 percent discount for 2011 insurance premiums. In a time of financial uncertainty for Missouri school districts, it certainly was nice to know MUSIC was helping us once again. The Moberly School District and I are indeed thankful to you and your organization for all the above mentioned examples. By maintaining a long term business relationship with MUSIC, our school district certainly has benefited in a multitude of ways. I again applaud and thank you for your support, timely response, and providing a first class insurance benefit to all Missouri school district members of MUSIC.”

Mark S. Penny
Superintendent, Troy School District, formerly the Superintendent of Moberly School District

“On behalf of the Odessa R-VII School District, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for representing our district in an exemplary manner regarding the legal issue that has involved our district for the past two and one-half years. During this period MUSIC has consistently provided the necessary reinforcement required for the district’s best interest.”

“We appreciate your continued service on this legal matter and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with your organization.”

Robert C. Brinkley
Superintendent, Odessa R-VII School District

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